The Problem Is Not The Problem, The Problem Is Your Attitude About The Problem

Every person must have a problem, sometimes the problem can make someone’s life disturbed, some people think the problem is dangerous and harmful. I think it is right that the problem is actually not a problem but the problem is our ethics in responding to the problem. Sometimes a small problem can be a big problem just because we are wrong in responding to the problem. Do not be the person who created the problem, but be a person who hates the problem.


If everyone has good ethics in response to the problem, then this world there will never be a problem. A small problem or a big problem will be easier to solve. maybe we can not force people to have good ethics in response to a problem, we can only hope that the problem in this world is reduced, and we can live a more quiet and peaceful. I hope there is no a religious problem which is making us broke, social problems that make us hate each other, the problem authority which makes us destroyed, problems of cultural differences that make our mutual insult and blaspheme each other and all the problems that hurt us.  I believe there will be no problems in this world, if we have good ethics in response to the problem.


” The Problem Is Not That There Are Problem. The Problem Is Expecting Other Wise And Thinking That Having Problems Is A Problem “


One Day I Will Be At The Place I Always Wanted To Be

Most people have dreams and goals in their lives, there are still fighting for it and there are already achieving it and feel the happiness. I among those who are fighting for my dream, that dream may be debatable and still blurred, but I’m sure one day I will get there. Sometimes I do not believe in my dreams, I doubt I could not reach it. I just have to keep moving forward.


Every person must have a goal to be achieved, but sometimes do not know to do it, I have many goals in life, but i do not know how to achieve it. I was confused and did not know how the objectives can be achieved. Maybe the things I need to do is keep fighting, do something positive, positive thinking, and believe that one day I will be in a place that I want !!

” You Must Do The Thing Which You Thing You Cannot Do “


Life Creates Dreams And Dreams Create Life

Why I say it like that, because I see it was indeed the case, how we live, what we do in this world, a habit that we often do, maybe that dream will be achieved, before we got a bad dream, then we should be able to do something better. actually easy to do good things in this world, but maybe some people maybe had other activities.


However this life, I will make life better, doing good things, do things that may not be anyone who wants to do that, keep praying, keep the spirit to achieve the dream and create a life more meaningful and creates a beautiful dream. Maybe a change for the better is not fast, requires a long process even more difficult, but from now on I‘ll do it for myself, the people who love me, and the people I love.

” Sometimes If You Want To See A Change For The Better, You Have To Take Things Into Your Own Hands “


What Are You Waiting For ?

Delaying something that should be done is stupid and harmful. we often delay somethings because we believe that we still had lots of time for that, but in fact we have been doing things that hurt ourselves. I also people who often delay somethings, I often delay the tasks, delay the an activity that has a lot of time, and always delay things for many reasons and we always thought that we had a lot of time. The point is what we are waiting for ?. Why are we waiting for something that should have been completed, why are we waiting for something that should be done now.


We do not know what will happen tomorrow. start better than waiting. did we are always waiting for something, like waiting for death, waiting for someone to help us, waiting for someone to do it, wait until our time is up, wait until the final seconds, and wait for an apology. What are you waiting for? If something can be done now, so act quickly. If there is a reason we delay somethings, then do once you are ready to do it, do it as soon as possible.


” Change Your Life Today. Don’t Gamble On The Future, Act Now, Without Delay “


Take That Chance, Because It’s Gone Before You Know It

Let us do something, while we have the chance !. Let us the make the most of it, before it is too late !. Sometimes chance came suddenly, but we can also create chance that come to us, sometimes we just do not want to take it. Many things about an chance, the point is how do we take a chance and make the chance of it being a useful thing for us. An chance also has risks, therefore it was not everyone‘s willing to take risks.


A chance not to be twice, even though sometimes we have a second chance for it. if there is chance then to do the maximum, because if we do not take a chance and ignore it, one day it will make us regret. if there is chance in our lives, then stand for it, do the maximum that chance, make a chance to be a useful thing for us, because the same chance will not come twice, the chance was lost without us realizing and it’s gone before you know it

” Every Year On Your Birthday, You Get A Chance To Start New “


Tired Of Life, The Thing Around Us

I tired of failure, fake smile, and false hope. I am tired of trying to hold things together that can not be held. Trying to control what can not be controlled. I am tired of denying myself what i want for fear of breaking things i can not fix. I am just tired of the situation that there is no change, doing boring things.

Trying to wrap his head around this problem

We are tired
Not tired as we wanted to sleep, but tired to life
We are tired of never being good enough, for everyone
We are tired of feeling ugly and bad
We are tired of school
We are tired of being useless
We are tired to make my parents sad
We are just was tired of the things that are uncertain
It’s a normal thing, because tired of life, the thing around us
We have to fight and eliminate it. Maybe, what we need is something that makes us the strong and excited. Sometimes we are tired because we do not want to share with other people, and just save our own problems.


” I Don’t Get Tired. I Get Beat Up. You Keep Chopping On A Tree, You Need To Give The Tree Some Rest So The Chlorophyll Will Fill Back Up And The Tree Gets Its Energy Back “


Patience For Something Better

Patience will lead us to better things, we do not need to force something, we do not need to be selfish of wanting something. I made an illustration, if we have not been able to buy a car, do not force for a car loan, just buy a a motorcycle. If we have not been able to and can afford to buy a house, do not force to home loans fancy, just a house contract. If we have not been able to buy an office, do not force it to the debt, just rent a place to be used as an office. Do not listen to our people talk, think about fate of our own in the future if all that we do.


Most problems happened not because requirement are already fulfilled, but because desire is too high for some things but we could not get it. Patience is the answer to that problem. Delay pleasure, a luxurious lifestyle shows that we are not rich people, but it’s all just show that we many styles, redundant and arrogant. We just need to be relaxed and enjoy, if the time comes, then all our wishes will be reached, do not need to be forced. we had to fight to get them with patience and sacrifice, do not be instant.

” Without Patience, We Will Learn Less In Life. We Will See Less. We Will Feel Less. We Will Hear Less. Ironically, Rush And More Usually Mean Less “