If All Our Wishes Come True, Where Will We Learn To Be Patient?

Some people in this world maybe every time they want something, the next day they get it. and some people don’t get everything they want. Sometimes we don’t get everything we want, but it’s actually a good thing, if all our desires come true, then where will we learn to be patient? where will we learn not to give up? where will we learn about a struggle? where will we learn about spirit? and where we will learn to work hard with purpose and something we want.

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therefore we must learn to be patient and learn to never give up in achieving what we want. we also get lessons on how to stay close to God, hard work and never give up.
I will not be sad when I do not get what I want, I will never be angry about it. what I do is look at the sky and say to myself “my efforts are still lacking to get it, so don’t be sad for something we don’t fight to the maximum, so what are you waiting for, fight again !!!”
“There Is Something Good In All Seeming Failures. You Are Not To See That Now. Time Will Reveal It. Be Patient”

Bullshit People


Most people in this world, often talk and argue against something that they have not fully know. blaspheme someone, insult someone, make someone stupid, pedantic style, the rich snobs, snobs handsome, considers him higher than others. Do not Be BULLSHIT PEOPLE, we insult someone who is not necessarily better than us, humble people of status, there are many things we do not know about the world, life goes, a fool can be clever and smart people can be stupid , as well as other things that can be changed at any time.


“Live As If You Were To die Tomorrow. Learn As If You Were To Live Forever “

-Mahatma Gandhi-