Do Not Forget The Time With Your Family

Many people assume that busyness is something that boast and look cool. We are always busy with our organization, we organize for all activities in the organization to run well, we always think to advance this organization, and we are very concerned with it. We often come home with a very tired face, maybe our family and parents are proud of it. We have a lot of important schedules, meet important figures, we have an agenda that contains a lot of activities and that is an activity we have to do for the organization. You often go home and go straight to catch deadlines and tasks that need to be solved soon, but you often forget and even rarely to smile for your family and mother, I think our family missed you so much and eager to hear all the activities you did today and make sure you’re fine, but we often do not care about that and keep busy with the organization.


I think the organization is important, but we also have to think and care about the people who love us and the people we care about.
Are you worried about your mother and your family as you are worried about the success of your show?
When was the last time you asked about the situation of your younger sister and brother?
Whether your sister and brother are no more important than your organization!
Do you care about your family like you care about your organization? Do you think organization is more important than your family? 

I think we should think about it.
I have some questions for you who are very busy in your organization
Where is your professionalism for your family?
where you put your family on your priority scale?
whether the time you have is too expensive and your own family can not buy it.
Every meeting will definitely find results. I hope we can be wiser in life.

” Family Is Not An Important Thing. But It’s EVERYTHING “



Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

The Shawshank Redemption movie gives me a lot motivate and inspire, one of which is how we choose to live busy, or busy to dying. Not everyone in this world is tough and daring to challenge the world, most are just busy to dying and not do anything.
but actually determines it is ourselves, how do we choose what to do and what not to do.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994) Movie

Busy for a living, or busy dying, that’s the choice we have to face, many people who choose to live dying, people are afraid of death, and constantly thinking about it. busy for now the point here is that we are busy with the work that we do not grow, doing the same job and there is no change or, more accurately perform the same activity over and over again. and some people think better busy for life because of busy life means we are busy to organize our lives in the future without thinking and was not afraid of death, we are ready to death with all our efforts in this life, busy for a better life, look how the good life was, and continues to do activities that make us grow and get out of our comfort zone. So make your choice !.


” You Better Get Busy Living, Because Dying’s  A Pain In The Ass “

– Frank Sinatra –