If Tomorrow Never Comes

If still possible, we should do a lot of good things, we do not know whether tomorrow is still coming. We must remember many tragedies that are very heartbreaking, why should they be buried, why should they die, why should they grieve and why should those who feel the suffering. I think there must be a lesson to be learned, and I think we should pray for it. We do not know how much time left, we have to think about it and do something good.


We must be grateful that we are still given time, do not know until when and no one will be able to calculate it, we should be grateful because it can still meet the sun, can still meet the people we care about, and if tomorrow never comes, what should we Do, I think it’s better to start now with something useful, now I will stop doing something that will make me regret, everyone can change for the better, I can.


” Never Wait For Tomorrow, What If Tomorrow Never Comes ? “


Always Grateful

In the end, we just need to be grateful for whatever we do not have today. Although what we have been waiting for has never come, even though what we have been struggling for has not achieved good results, and although everything we hope never happens. We just have to be grateful, I never complain about what has happened in the past, if it has happened, let it happen. The world is too beautiful if we ignore it.


Now I will not complain about the past because life is “This Time”, I will continue to search for beautiful things in this world, keep running and fighting for my happiness. No one can make us happy besides ourselves, I think the sky is still blue and the sun is still shining.



Today before you complain about your situation, think of those who can still smile with all the flaws in his life “



Apologize, it’s a simple word which soothes the soul, a simple word to create a smile, to make happiness for all people. Apologize, 9 ordinary letters but an enlarging our heart and will provide an opportunity for the world to smile. Sometimes that word is not everyone can afford to say it. Most people are too prestigious and arrogant for it.


Why is it so difficult to apologize, if we are wrong, then we just have to apologize, it is very easy to do. I think apologizing is the wisest thing and will make our personality better. Apologize will solve a problem and stop the argument. We just have to apologize if it is wrong, why it is so difficult, just do it and make this world a better place.


” Life Becomes Easier when You Learn To Accept The Apology You Never got “

– R. Brault –


Sometimes We Will Never Know The Value Of A Moment Until It Become A Memory

Memories is an event yesterday, which we still think and hard to forget until now. Memories came when we were not with him anymore. Every event we passed, only became an event. All of that will be a memory when all was lost and gone from us. When all has become memories then we will get a value from it. We can only remember the memories and make them become a new hope and do well for it.


Let all that has happened to be a memorable, do not dissolve in the memories, do not let the memories make us weak, do not let the memories that stop our steps forward. Each person must have a very precious memories and hard to forget, we must always remember memories, but we also have to take the value of those memories, because if we have discovered the value of an event, then the event will be a distant memory.



” A Memory Is What Is Left When Something Happens And Does Not Completely Unhappen “




Don’t Let Your Mind Bully Your Body

Negative minds will keep us moving toward the negative, we often bullying ourselves and it was not good. we often think we are weak, stupid, useless, and worse. we were bullying ourselves, our mind are bullying ourselves, do not let the mind like that makes us weaker and let negative things happen to us because our minds bullying our own bodies.


I learned to organize my mind, I will not let a bad situation made me think negatively. A negative mind will never give you a positive life, I think that’s right. Negative thinking will make ourselves tormented, our bodies are in anguish. each time we are bullying our body with negative thinking, then what happens is the body and ourselves become someone who is negative. Most power is lost in  one’s own mind by thinking negative thoughts, by worrying about the future, by focusing on the past, as opposed to thinking positive, strong, and happy thoughts.


” Most Illness Begins With A Negative Mind “


When You Open Your Eyes

When we dare to open our eyes, then we will know more about a lot of things in this world. Sometimes a person does not want to open his eyes farther, they just open your eyes to something that makes them happy. When we open eyes, we see how the state of the world, a lot of sad things and painful things happen, but we do not know and do not even care. We always close our eyes to things like that. you can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you can not close your heart to the things you do not want to feel. Each person must have a sense of caring.


We might be able to close our eyes to things that we think it does not concern us, so we do not care about it. when I open my eyes and see the world even further, I saw a lot of things that have never been seen, a lot of poverty, abandoned children, old people still work for her life, the person who is fighting against the the disease, and people people who do not get love from family or others. Sometimes I do not care about it, and now I think it’s wrong, I had to open my eyes to it, I had to open my eyes and look around me. doing positive things, always be someone who always helps, I will strive for it.


” Open Your Eyes, Look Within. Are You Satisfied … , With The Life You’re Living ? “


Take That Chance, Because It’s Gone Before You Know It

Let us do something, while we have the chance !. Let us the make the most of it, before it is too late !. Sometimes chance came suddenly, but we can also create chance that come to us, sometimes we just do not want to take it. Many things about an chance, the point is how do we take a chance and make the chance of it being a useful thing for us. An chance also has risks, therefore it was not everyone‘s willing to take risks.


A chance not to be twice, even though sometimes we have a second chance for it. if there is chance then to do the maximum, because if we do not take a chance and ignore it, one day it will make us regret. if there is chance in our lives, then stand for it, do the maximum that chance, make a chance to be a useful thing for us, because the same chance will not come twice, the chance was lost without us realizing and it’s gone before you know it

” Every Year On Your Birthday, You Get A Chance To Start New “