Nobody Can Hurt Me Without My Permission

I think, there really is no pain in this world, no suffering in the world, we can always live happily, the way is do not let the pain hurt us, essentially do not give permission for it. We can live freely, do what we want, do something we think is right. When many people hurt me, blaspheme, hate me, I do not care about it, and I will not allow it to hurt me, I will never allow it. Not everyone knows the meaning of everything we do, if someone hurt us, then that’s where we have to choose, whether we will give permission or not for it to hurt us. If we always allow pain to hurt us then that comes only sadness, depression, stress and problems that never end.


I do not care what other people say about me, because I know how I am not someone else. No one can hurt me without my permission. One thing that can hurt me is when I can not make my parents happy and I can not protect my family.


” A Positive Attitude Can Realy Make Dreams Come True – It Did For Me “



When We Focus On A Goal, I Believe The Best Results Will Come

I believe when we focus then we will get good results, I have experienced it. Sometimes we do not realize that we have done things we did not expect before. Sometimes for a reason we have to focus on a problem, and when we focus we can solve that problem. Now, I strongly believe that I have felt its impact on myself.


Every day I always think about what happened today, and I also think what will happen tomorrow. Now I understand one things, what I need most right now is “focus, focus, focus and focus”. I know that everyone must have flaws, and I also know that focus will make the shortage of it a surplus in the future. Now and tomorrow I have decided to always focus on my goals and always work hard for it.


“I don’t Focus On What I’m Up Against. I Focus On My Goals And I Try To Ignore The Rest”



Now! I Will Always Respect A Woman

Why a woman can hate us? it all happened because we did not respect her. Why we are hate a woman? because we do not know about the meaning of a woman. I believe one thing, always respecting women, maybe we would be someone wiser and be a real men. Maybe we need to respect ourselves first, so that a woman can also be appreciate us. I think that we will be equivalent to the value of how others treat us. Why I am talking about a woman, because I realized that women is the most beautiful creation that we must guard.


I believe! someday I’ll find a woman who would become my life partner, the woman who gave birth my baby later, a woman who would take care of my future children, and a woman will make me better. woman is a real beauty. In my opinion, respect for women is a road will take us to meet with the woman we want. Respect women, because we are a Man!


” A Women Brought You Into This World, So You Have No Right To Disrespect One “



What Are You Waiting For ?

Delaying something that should be done is stupid and harmful. we often delay somethings because we believe that we still had lots of time for that, but in fact we have been doing things that hurt ourselves. I also people who often delay somethings, I often delay the tasks, delay the an activity that has a lot of time, and always delay things for many reasons and we always thought that we had a lot of time. The point is what we are waiting for ?. Why are we waiting for something that should have been completed, why are we waiting for something that should be done now.


We do not know what will happen tomorrow. start better than waiting. did we are always waiting for something, like waiting for death, waiting for someone to help us, waiting for someone to do it, wait until our time is up, wait until the final seconds, and wait for an apology. What are you waiting for? If something can be done now, so act quickly. If there is a reason we delay somethings, then do once you are ready to do it, do it as soon as possible.


” Change Your Life Today. Don’t Gamble On The Future, Act Now, Without Delay “


Tired Of Life, The Thing Around Us

I tired of failure, fake smile, and false hope. I am tired of trying to hold things together that can not be held. Trying to control what can not be controlled. I am tired of denying myself what i want for fear of breaking things i can not fix. I am just tired of the situation that there is no change, doing boring things.

Trying to wrap his head around this problem

We are tired
Not tired as we wanted to sleep, but tired to life
We are tired of never being good enough, for everyone
We are tired of feeling ugly and bad
We are tired of school
We are tired of being useless
We are tired to make my parents sad
We are just was tired of the things that are uncertain
It’s a normal thing, because tired of life, the thing around us
We have to fight and eliminate it. Maybe, what we need is something that makes us the strong and excited. Sometimes we are tired because we do not want to share with other people, and just save our own problems.


” I Don’t Get Tired. I Get Beat Up. You Keep Chopping On A Tree, You Need To Give The Tree Some Rest So The Chlorophyll Will Fill Back Up And The Tree Gets Its Energy Back “


The Greatest Loss Is What Dies Inside Us While We Live

The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live, the world will feel you are scary and cruel, living into nothingness, living in doubt, a life without hope and you think this life so bad. death of a person is a very painful loss, even some people think it is a painful loss, but it will even more painful when we lose something inside us, while we are still alive. death is a natural thing, it will happen.


If we had lost something important that is in us, it will be very painful, even more painful than the death of our loved ones. we will lose direction in life, we are confused to do anything, we have no further purpose in life, we lose the motivation to live and we miss something very important in us. Do you agree that the greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live ?. I hope many who said they agree. The worst pain comes when you do not know Whether to wait or Forger and loss is what dies inside us.


“If We Loss Something Important In Ourselves, Try To Remember It, And Fight For It Back”



Good Friend And Bad Friend Is Not A Strange Thing

Friends come and go, a bad friend and a good friend is not a strange thing. it’s all part of life. bad friend gave us a lesson of something bad, and that we determine to be like. a good friend gave us the confidence, the drive to be better and always there when we’re in trouble. mutual respect and mutual keeping is key to maintaining a friendship. if in a friendship, a sense of trust is high, then the thing to do is keep to remain stable, do not ruin a trust that has been made, it is very easy to find a friend of this world but it is very difficult to find friends who understand and have always supported us.

Friendly group of people waving to you


We do not know how this relationship will work, but one thing is definitely true friendship is everlasting and will never be lost. friends with everyone, we can not selecting in friendship, we must be open to friendships, and learn from the friendship of a good friend and a bad friend. Always support and guard the good friends, and learn from a bad friend on the other side of a friendship, never leave a bad friend but trying to get closer and gave him the meaning of a friendship.


” Good Friends Are Like Stars. You Don’t Always See Them, But You Know They’re Always There “