Beautiful . . .

I like you, but it’s not easy, to get you here with me. I hope and  I want to get to know you more, but maybe it will not happen for a reason, and you’re still in my mind.  I cannot wait for you to come to my life, but I still have time to break the silence. When we like someone, dare us to say that we want her. If we can not, that will happen we may miss the opportunity for that.


Now, I hide and see you from a distance, and I know you realize it. I’m looking for time to approached you and at least to greet you, but sometimes there are days when I do not greet you with a reason. I’m obsessed with you, you are a beautiful girl and have charm. I think every man who knows you will like you. I’m just happy Because I can get to know a beautiful girl like you.

” No One Acts More Foolishly Than A Wise Man In Love “



The Pain In The Past Will Never Disappear

Hurt and pain that we feel will never disappear, we just have to make room for it. all that has happened sometimes it is something we do not understand. I’m sure everyone who has ever felt the pain and sorrow, they will continue to remind. All that has happened it is very difficult to forget. Many people have said, we must forget the past and had to keep move forward, but I think it’s not entirely true, because something has happened in the past, all the feelings we get about the past, and all the good and bad things that we feel, all it is will never be forgotten, all that has been written in the book of our lives each.

masa lalu

We should not forget the pain that has happened in the past, we have to do is make a room in our hearts for it and close the door. all that pain is part of our feelings in the past, and we will never forget it.


” Pain That Has Happened In The Past It Will Never Disappear, But We Can Make A Small Room In Our Hearts For It And Close The Door



The Secret Behind The Karl Mayer Song

“Karl mayer is a voice / symphony / music that can affect the human brain. The sound can be said to destroy the mental man and makes him mad. The sound is” sound pollution “or a noisy sound and a headache. There is no element of the supernatural at all in in this voice. Depending on the “magical” thinking what people are listening to this voice.

It is said that this voice is used to interrogate someone to get her to confess because of a headache with this voice. The impact what often happens is paranoid, migraines, and earache.

Link Download  ==> Karl Mayer – Reverse

Here’s the explanation if you do not dare to listen / watch :

1. you will hear a little boy who giggled coquettish, with a very shrill voice. accompanied by moans like a humming sound.
2. giggle had been turned into a scream that very very squeaky, with a very high voice nearing ultrasonic limit. this is where your ear usually become ill. still accompanied giggle-giggle.

mystery_and_darkness_by_crazytyler293. The sound of screams and groans had stopped and became a child’s voice was humming and singing the melody without lyrics.
4. The sound grew louder-louder, and there was a woman’s voice screaming, and suddenly the sound of the voices that are very noisy (like TV bersemut but with a very high volume) carefully who have heart disease, this can be very surprising ,
5. The noise stopped, and the voice of women giggling and humming sounds again. this time accompanied by the sound of a crying woman.
6. The chime sounds to be very noisy, here you will usually feel dizzy. The voices grew louder, and finally to the sound of TV bersemut was also getting bigger.