Look Around, Don’t Be Afraid

Look around, see what we want to see, no one will ever ban it. Wherever we go, wherever we live, we should not be afraid, because we are not the only ones. Do not let the day pass in doubt, do not let the time end in doubt and do not let a single day end with sadness and regret. Life is short, maybe we should learn from mistakes that have happened in the past and remain confident with the choices and the path we have chosen.


I will face it with my eyes open. I know and I’m sure I have a future that is on my side, I’ll be fine, I know what I choose and I also know what I do, I know how difficult the path I will go through and I’m sure I will shine in his time .


” I’m Choosing Happiness Over Suffering, I Know I Am. I’m Making Space For The Unknown Future To Fill Up My Life With Yet To Come Surprises “



Promises Even More Painful Than Lies

Why I say that, because i once did that. I regret having made many promises and I do not keep. when we make a promise, then we also create an expectation. Hope for something that we can not necessarily keep. Make only promises you can keep and not too often make an appointment. Now I have to be careful to make an promises.


Does not keep promises to make someone disappointed, because we have destroyed his hopes. It is very painful. Maybe lie we can forgive, but not by appointment. Promises mean everything but after they are broken, sorry means nothing.

” I’m Tired Of The Lies And The Cheating, And The Broken Promises That Were Never Meant To Be Kept “


Life Creates Dreams And Dreams Create Life

Why I say it like that, because I see it was indeed the case, how we live, what we do in this world, a habit that we often do, maybe that dream will be achieved, before we got a bad dream, then we should be able to do something better. actually easy to do good things in this world, but maybe some people maybe had other activities.


However this life, I will make life better, doing good things, do things that may not be anyone who wants to do that, keep praying, keep the spirit to achieve the dream and create a life more meaningful and creates a beautiful dream. Maybe a change for the better is not fast, requires a long process even more difficult, but from now on I‘ll do it for myself, the people who love me, and the people I love.

” Sometimes If You Want To See A Change For The Better, You Have To Take Things Into Your Own Hands “


Tired Of Life, The Thing Around Us

I tired of failure, fake smile, and false hope. I am tired of trying to hold things together that can not be held. Trying to control what can not be controlled. I am tired of denying myself what i want for fear of breaking things i can not fix. I am just tired of the situation that there is no change, doing boring things.

Trying to wrap his head around this problem

We are tired
Not tired as we wanted to sleep, but tired to life
We are tired of never being good enough, for everyone
We are tired of feeling ugly and bad
We are tired of school
We are tired of being useless
We are tired to make my parents sad
We are just was tired of the things that are uncertain
It’s a normal thing, because tired of life, the thing around us
We have to fight and eliminate it. Maybe, what we need is something that makes us the strong and excited. Sometimes we are tired because we do not want to share with other people, and just save our own problems.


” I Don’t Get Tired. I Get Beat Up. You Keep Chopping On A Tree, You Need To Give The Tree Some Rest So The Chlorophyll Will Fill Back Up And The Tree Gets Its Energy Back “


The Greatest Loss Is What Dies Inside Us While We Live

The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live, the world will feel you are scary and cruel, living into nothingness, living in doubt, a life without hope and you think this life so bad. death of a person is a very painful loss, even some people think it is a painful loss, but it will even more painful when we lose something inside us, while we are still alive. death is a natural thing, it will happen.


If we had lost something important that is in us, it will be very painful, even more painful than the death of our loved ones. we will lose direction in life, we are confused to do anything, we have no further purpose in life, we lose the motivation to live and we miss something very important in us. Do you agree that the greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live ?. I hope many who said they agree. The worst pain comes when you do not know Whether to wait or Forger and loss is what dies inside us.


“If We Loss Something Important In Ourselves, Try To Remember It, And Fight For It Back”



It’s Easy to Fool the Eye But It’s Hard To Fool The Heart

The eye is very easy to be lied, just to see we can be fooled by anything that, for example, we see people who pretend well, once we immediately fooled by the attitude of the person. therefore, eye or vision we could have been deceived, but differ with heart or feelings, the heart is very difficult to be deceived, when we see something so bad in our eyes, our hearts say different things, our hearts see there is a side positive from it.


We can be deceived by someone, but we still have a heart that knows about the truth. eye is easy to be lied tap, not to our hearts. in a different situation, why the heart is very difficult to be lied? because the heart is a feeling of our soul. example was very frequently we experienced was when we fell in love with someone and we do not dare to say it, we could fool not to love him, but what about our hearts? our hearts will not be able to accept it. If there is someone who can easily deceive the hearts and feelings, then I think that person does not have a good soul.


” I Always Tell The Truth. Even When I lie “


Secrets And Lies Destroy Happiness !

A Secret can bring a Lie, and a Lie could it bring in a Confidential.
it is the same thing. sometimes we keep something that we suppose it is a disgrace, sometimes we want to expose something that we think it is a problem if there are other people who know about the secret. conceal something is natural, because there is something that is privacy and there is also a general nature. as well as the lie, the lie will save us from a problem, but lies will bring us to enter the world of lies that make us hooked and want to keep repeating it.


Why Secrets And Lies Can Destroy The Happiness?
The right answer in my opinion is because the secrets and lies become a burden and becomes something that constantly we think, we will continue to think our secret will be no one who knows, we always think about the lies we will be something we kidding, we always think about both it and makes us to own burden. that’s why 2 it can destroy happiness. Every man would never do that, I had never done it, and I also know what the risks in the future, maybe I’m including a lucky person because I do not get the impact or the risk of a second of it, but certainly there are people who feel the impact and risks, roads the second best is to delete it from our lives and begin to think about positive things and things that can make our lives better.


“Secrets And Lies, They Are Like A Cancer In The Soul. They Eat Away What Is Good And Leave Only Destruction Behind “