You Don’t Know Anything

I used to smile calmly, even though my heart was actually crying. You are a new story in my life, you are a story that is written with certainty in my mind, and you are very interesting. You have to hug me for a while, we will let this feeling merge and melt. I will leave all this as it should be, that you will never be mine. I will try to forget all of this, I will also trying to leave it. I’m sure I will feel peace and you will leave soon. Among millions, you are still and you are always shine brightly. I hope someday this story will get a piece of the story that is missing, and if not, i hope you get a beautiful story after that. Maybe you don’t understand about this right now, but I’m sure you will understand soon.


“You Don’t Know Anything Until The Time Comes Later”

– Alif Satria –




The Purpose Of Life Is “Happiness”

When I was 6 years old, my father told me happiness is our key to be able to live. when I was at school, they ask me something, what you want and you expect when you grow up, I say “happiness,” and they told me that I did not understand what they ask, and at that time I told them that they did not understand life.


The same story with what is perceived by John Lennon. we have different views on life. it all depends on how we deal with it. people just judge and criticize an opinion, but that’s good, because if we are criticized, it is because they don’t understand about the meaning and only us who understand it.


” Happiness Doesn’t Depend On Any External Conditions, It Is Governed By Our Mental Attitude “


We All Need Mirrors To Remind Ourselves Who We Are

Sometimes we often forget about ourselves, we want to be someone else, we want what is owned by someone else, we want to be known to others, we want everything. everyone needs a mirror to constantly remind ourselves who we really are, do not be someone other than ourselves. many people forget about himself, many factors that influence it, maybe the environment, playmate, workplace or wherever it was. therefore we need a mirror that always reminds us to always be an humble and to remind ourselves who we are. acted correctly, be yourself and always be an inferiority


look in the mirror gives us a picture of ourselves, and it would make us think who we are, we need to look in the mirror every day so that we are reminded who we are. Who are we ? What about ourselves? all that was our choice, we are determining the fate and our future, not someone else. for it be the one who was always humble, not arrogant, and always thought that in this world there are many people who are better than us.

” What We Do Flows From Who We Are “



Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

The Shawshank Redemption movie gives me a lot motivate and inspire, one of which is how we choose to live busy, or busy to dying. Not everyone in this world is tough and daring to challenge the world, most are just busy to dying and not do anything.
but actually determines it is ourselves, how do we choose what to do and what not to do.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994) Movie

Busy for a living, or busy dying, that’s the choice we have to face, many people who choose to live dying, people are afraid of death, and constantly thinking about it. busy for now the point here is that we are busy with the work that we do not grow, doing the same job and there is no change or, more accurately perform the same activity over and over again. and some people think better busy for life because of busy life means we are busy to organize our lives in the future without thinking and was not afraid of death, we are ready to death with all our efforts in this life, busy for a better life, look how the good life was, and continues to do activities that make us grow and get out of our comfort zone. So make your choice !.


” You Better Get Busy Living, Because Dying’s  A Pain In The Ass “

– Frank Sinatra –

Childhood Is A Wonderful Time And Will Become Timeless Memories

Childhood is a very beautiful and fun, when there is no load, no pressure, which we think is just play and do what makes us happy. childhood gives us a beautiful memory where we are new to friendship, environmental concerns and understand each other.



A Wonderfull Time

Adult future as we feel at this moment, when we are in a tough problem and a hard pressure, we often pause and think about childhood were very pleasant, sometimes thinking more we do not grow up and remain a small child. It is true that childhood is a time of great fun, but remember one thing, every human being will certainly continue to grow, from infancy to old people. we need to do as an adult is a continued focus will be goals to be achieved, look for happiness in adulthood, as it turns out adulthood is much more beautiful if courageous and able to deal with it and make childhood it becomes a lasting memory that will never us forget.

” Memories Is Evidence That There Is A Day That Never Ends


Appreciate Your Life

Most of today’s society is a society that does not value his life. always feel deprived while we have to have something more, we always look up and not see below, we consider ourselves rich and have everything but we did not see any further, that is still there and many more had everything from what we has, or we assume ourselves we do not have anything, but remember one thing was that many people are more flaws than us and she did not complain. we just need to appreciate fend for ourselves, continue to struggle to get a better life.


Appreciate our own lives will make us always trying to get ahead and courage to face life. many differences and fortune between us all, differences in race, ethnicity, race, culture and circumstances. If we had been able to appreciate yourself then try to appreciate sesama.karena mutual respect is an invaluable beauty.


” Trade Your Expectation For Appreciation And The World Changes Instantly “


Bullshit People


Most people in this world, often talk and argue against something that they have not fully know. blaspheme someone, insult someone, make someone stupid, pedantic style, the rich snobs, snobs handsome, considers him higher than others. Do not Be BULLSHIT PEOPLE, we insult someone who is not necessarily better than us, humble people of status, there are many things we do not know about the world, life goes, a fool can be clever and smart people can be stupid , as well as other things that can be changed at any time.


“Live As If You Were To die Tomorrow. Learn As If You Were To Live Forever “

-Mahatma Gandhi-