Sky Still Blue And The Sun Still Shining

I just need to be grateful for what I have today, even though what I was waiting for never came, what I had fought for had not achieved results and everything that I expected never happened, I did not worry or complain about that. I just have to stay strong and thanks to God because I can still survive and fight until now. I have never complained about what has happened in the past and what has happened at this time, if that has happened, then let it happen. The world is too beautiful if we are always ignore it.

Life is “now”, I did not live in the past, so I will never complain about what happened.

I am grateful for what I have today. I will continue to look for beautiful things in this world, keep running and keep struggling to find happiness. Nothing can make me happy then me, I think the sky still blue and the sun is still shining brightly, so there is no reason for me to complain about the situation.

“If we complain about our lives at the moment, it means we have injured people out there who are still struggling in difficult circumstances”

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HOPE For Tomorrow

A hope of could be something that motivates and could also be a load. when parents and family have always supported us to be successful, it is a big hope given them to us. Sometimes I’m scared into thinking that all is a burden that must be tasted. I ever cry when I think of struggle and sacrifices that have been given by parents to me. I kept thinking if I could make that hope becomes a happiness for parents and my family. Attention and affection they give to me, the concern that always they gave, I only fear can not reply to all of it.


I want to be someone who can make parents and my family happy. I just wanted it. all the attention, all the passion, all the support, all the prayers and all the hopes that parents and my family gave, I promised to make all of it becomes a happiness. Will be a lot of pain that I feel, will be a lot of barriers that I face, but it did not matter because I had promised and did not make all the hopes that have parents and family gave to me to be in vain. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be the one they want and I’ll give happiness to them.


” Hope Is A Waking Dream “



Don’t Start A Fight If You Can’t End It

Do something that we can not finish, do not do it, it was very detrimental to ourselves and also harm others. sometimes we do not think before doing something, we are always in a hurry to do something, we do not think about how we finish it. We often start a problem that we can not solve. It’s better to fight Because if you do not fight, you can not win. Is not it better if we do not start a fight, and think clearly, do not start a fight if you can not end it.


We often do things that are not important, we are doing something we do not know how it ended, we just do it, but do not think first. Do not swim if we could not swim, but learn to swim so we could swim. Sometimes we force ourselves to do something we already know that it will be painful for us. Try to think before starting anything, because every action that we will do will make us happy and also painful. Do something that can be resolved well and thinking and learning to accomplish something that has not been able to solve.

” A King Can Stand People’s Fighting But He Can’t Last Long If People Start Thinking “


Patience For Something Better

Patience will lead us to better things, we do not need to force something, we do not need to be selfish of wanting something. I made an illustration, if we have not been able to buy a car, do not force for a car loan, just buy a a motorcycle. If we have not been able to and can afford to buy a house, do not force to home loans fancy, just a house contract. If we have not been able to buy an office, do not force it to the debt, just rent a place to be used as an office. Do not listen to our people talk, think about fate of our own in the future if all that we do.


Most problems happened not because requirement are already fulfilled, but because desire is too high for some things but we could not get it. Patience is the answer to that problem. Delay pleasure, a luxurious lifestyle shows that we are not rich people, but it’s all just show that we many styles, redundant and arrogant. We just need to be relaxed and enjoy, if the time comes, then all our wishes will be reached, do not need to be forced. we had to fight to get them with patience and sacrifice, do not be instant.

” Without Patience, We Will Learn Less In Life. We Will See Less. We Will Feel Less. We Will Hear Less. Ironically, Rush And More Usually Mean Less “


Be Thankful For What You Have

Many people who are not grateful for what he has. they are still not satisfied with all of that. they always feel deprived and do not think of anyone else who did not have anything. I feel lucky to be born in the family who could make me feel something fun in this world. Now, I have to do to help people who can not be like me and be grateful for what I have today.


A lot of things that we should see in this world, even in our own environment, there are many things that still can not see with our eyes. we just look up and do not look down. when we look up, we will always feel deprived, and if we look down, then it will make us always be grateful and humble. help each other, share with each other, care for each other will make this world a better and even the world would be the most beautiful place.

” Be Thank For What You Have; You’ll End Up Having More. If You Concentrate On What You Don’t Have, You Will Never, Ever Have Enough “


Don’t Think Too Much, Just Do What Makes You Happy

Think too much will make our life more pressured, sometimes we think of something that does not need to think about. Sometimes we think of something that is simple to excess. I think we have to do is do something that makes us happy. like a little vacation, adventure with a friend, looking for new things, to go to places we’ve never visited, hiking with friends and engage in activities that make our life more different. but not everyone will think like that, some people think to continue to work and continue to do something hard, think hard to reach the goal. Sometimes we need a little happiness to make our lives better.


Just do what makes you happy, it’s easy to do. why are we too busy thinking about something that just makes us stressed, tired, spent our time, and something that is not useful. if a job you did was useless and only make you tired, then leave the job, just do what makes you Happy, do what you want to do, realize what you want and make this life better and somewhat different from the previous.


” Just Be Happy, And If You Can’t Be Happy, Do Things That Make You Happy. Or Do Nothing With The People That Make You Happy “


Nature Doesn’t Need People, People Need Nature


By : Pandji Pragiwaksono

I am tropical forests
Humans grows here
Then go
But they always come back
Cutting down my trees
For timber
My plants their medications
My beauty is their vacation
I am always there for humans
And I was very generous
Sometimes I give everything
Now, gone for ever

But humans are very clever, very clever
The best brains and skilled hands
They can make anything
Extraordinary things
For how they need old forests like I am?
They breathe using air
And I am made the air
How they forget,
Humans are very clever
Humans made the air ???
Let’s see ???


”  Nature Does Not Need People, People Need Nature “


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